Resilience & Renewal

Resilience & Renewal
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In both business & domestic life it is necessary to have resilient strength. Last year I needed this by the bucket load as we battled an horrendous domestic tenancy. In December we successfully negotiated an exit to that annus horribilis & we are now with a new home slowly experiencing renewal.

There are two stages in your business when you may wish to consider resilience & renewal.

  1. When you're starting out; resilience to have the strength & skills to adapt your idea into a minimum viable product with which to test the market. Then the ability to renew your prototype to gain a waiting list or paying customers.
  2. When you're established & you've reached a stuck point; whether that's with people, strategies or revenues.


The natural world, from which we can observe much, displays 3 examples of resilience.

Diversity 'refers to the presence of multiple forms, processes, or systems that meet a functional need. Diversity can include a variety of behavioral, physical, or physiological responses to a change in the environment'.

Redundancy 'means that there’s more than one representative system, organism, or species that provides each function, and that there’s overlap so the loss of or decline in one representative doesn’t destroy the whole system'.

Decentralisation 'means that the mechanisms maintaining those functions are scattered throughout the system, not located exclusively together, so that a localized disturbance doesn’t remove one or more vital parts of the whole system'. Be resilient - Biomimicry Toolbox

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When you're next out walking your dog please slow down to observe your surroundings & reflect on one of the 3 above and how it maybe beneficial to your business growth.


At the beginning I mentioned that I'm slowly experiencing renewal. (Note, if it's too instant then it may not be resilient).

I'm doing this in two ways: header photo
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  1. Reboundog
  • Our Working Group is now 50% through a 10 week sprint to design a new member offer - launching 13th April 2023. This will be focused on our 5 stage journey for social entrepreneurs in the pet advocacy space to seriously impact the world. To discover more, come join us from just $8.33 /month & let's co-design this generative social-impact network together!

2. Business Culture Coach

  • I've recommenced my training with gusto (on hold whilst we moved home) with Home - Tricres. I'm now well on my way to qualifying as a Kick Ass Culture Coach and Consultant.
  • If your business is established & has now reached a stuck stage with people, strategies or revenues and wish to learn how improving your business culture can improve these, I've been given permission to use the Tricres materials with clients to support their growth and my learning.

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