TRUST -Meaningful or meaningless?

TRUST -Meaningful or meaningless?
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A shorter than usual newsletter - my brain is slightly addled recently. So briefly I would like you to consider a key component to developing change.....Trust.

Do you have it embedded in your organisational & business relationships?

Can you demonstrate it in everything you do?

In Reboundog it is the first of our 3 Values ( see previous newsletter Creating Resilience in Social Impact Ecosystems without Treehugging & Yogababble. (

It showed up in this podcast interview

The working definition of Wirearchy is “a dynamic two-way flow of  power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on generating value, enabled by interconnected people and technology”. Thriving in the wirearchy: Networks Trailblazers Jon Husband and Harold Jarche — We Need Social - Engagement Leadership & Change

I'm sure I heard it mentioned in the other podcast I listened to this week

“Viable System Model” expert Mark Lambertz joins us on today’s podcast to help us unfold organizing in complex ecosystems. #102 - Decoding the Viable System Model with Mark Lambertz - Boundaryless

I can see it as a necessary component of Reboundog member Tom Van Winkle's blog:

What Are You Willing to Do To Help Our Industry? (

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Don't just be ready for investment, be ready to win it! In the world of angel investing, understanding the power dynamic between you and potential backers is key. Knowing when to approach them is important, but so is capitalising on your power position as the entrepreneur offering a high-growth investment opportunity. In today’s Reboundog Sofa chat, we’ll discuss this equation. 


Aisha is the driving force behind Zenith Street, a boutique consultancy that empowers tech startups & SMEs with strategic business development and venture capital fundraising plans. With over 20 years of experience as an insider of both the VC & banking worlds, she leverages her unique perspective to guide businesses towards impactful growth solutions.

Aisha's career began in the heart of London's angel investor scene, where she honed her expertise in business growth and liquidity strategies. This experience transitioned seamlessly into commercial banking, where she directly supported businesses in achieving their financial goals. This journey equipped Aisha with an unparalleled understanding of the entire business financing landscape, from venture capital to traditional commercial finance.

A champion for women's advancement, Aisha has dedicated herself to mentoring aspiring female entrepreneurs through Natwest Bank's Business Accelerator program. Her passion for empowering women extends beyond mentorship, as she is currently authoring a book that advocates for a funding revolution specifically for women-led businesses.

The Business Growth Architect: Empowering Solo CEOs

Beyond strategic consulting, Aisha is also renowned as "The Business Growth Architect." As a business coach, she empowers SoloCEOs™ through her Forward Focus CEO™ Incubator programme. This programme shapes these business owners into "revenue alchemists," equipping them with the tools and strategies to not only power up their profits but also enjoy the guilt-free journey of selling their services or products.

When Aisha isn't immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, she finds joy in exploring new paths through long walks and unwinding with a captivating book.

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That's all folks, until we meet again continue to Rebound with your dog!


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