Creating Resilience in Social Impact Ecosystems without Treehugging & Yogababble.

Creating Resilience in Social Impact Ecosystems without Treehugging & Yogababble.
Photo Credit: Charly Barcelona on Pexels

Well, I could have chosen the usual nature based ecosystem picture, but I think the brick wall above is so relevant to the problem we humans have constructed.

Also, I'm drawing on the depths of my inner resilience strengths whilst trying to find a new home before we end up joining the ranks of the homeless with dogs next month! Will I become just another faceless person?

Image Credit: Pixabay Homeless Dog

Often resilience is enhanced within natural ecosystems by symbiotic relationships. Though this is certainly not all that tree hugging twaddle.

In an article I wrote 8 years ago "I'm not a tree hugger" (though in a previous life I probably planted in xs 1M trees!), I described 6 types of symbiotic relationships.....

 Mutualism: symbionts benefit from each other

 Commensalism: one symbiont benefits without harming the other

 Parasitism: one species thrives on other causing harm

 Amenalism: Competition; one species emerges winner

 Antibiosis; one organism killed by chemical secretion of another

 Synnecrosis: interaction is detrimental to both organisms.

Why you may ask is the header photo so relevant to achieving resilience in social impact ecosystems?

As I see it, it illustrates the 'brick wall' we have constructed as THE barrier to community, cooperation & collaboration. It is a contributory factor in our species detachment from the natural world; we especially in Western culture observe Nature as an entity separate to us, a dysfunctional culture where we treat domestic animals as monetary property. Maybe one day in the future, long after I've returned to being stardust, we'll return to being interwoven & connected.

How do we create resilience in community, cooperation & collaboration?

NB: This doesn't have to be done purely as a non-profit model. There is huge growth opportunity to allow for-profit business to be a force for good; which can be seen initially as a form of symbiotic commensalism & then with innovation as symbiotic mutualism.

Whilst writing this I'm listening to Whitney Johnson at the Summit (nee WBECS) on Disrupt Yourself: The Key to Greatness in Uncertain Times. This made me reflect that politically, at least in the West, we are entering Uncertain Times with national elections this year in the UK & the US.

You may choose to ask yourself....3 questions

  • What (& where) are the opportunities for growth when you disrupt yourself?
  • How resilient (not resistant) will you become, to change that is beyond your control, when you disrupt yourself?
  • With whom are you building resilient ecosystems that will not only benefit, but create community, cooperation & collaboration with disenfranchised people & marginalised dogs?

What then you may well ask is an example of...

 Mutualism: symbionts benefit from each other

Reboundog is disrupting the human-animal bond world by creating long-term collaborations to achieve shared outcomes through scalable networks.


If we, & that includes you, are to establish symbiotic mutualism within our organisations & with our clients then we need to establish Core Values which can be demonstrated in everything we do.

In Cultural Creatives (Ray & Anderson 2000) state "values are the best single predictor of real behavior", one of which is 'engaged action and whole systems learning; seeing the world as interwoven and connected'. 

Reboundog is rooted (yes there's probably a pun to natural ecosystems there) in 3 core Values; Trust, Curious & Transparent

1) Trust noun: (American English) reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

Trust verb transitive (American English) to allow to do something without fear of the outcome. So relevant among us disenfranchised people!

C13: from Old Norse traust; related to Old High German trost solace.

2) Curious adjective: A wholesome desire to be informed, as in our conversations on the Reboundog Sofa.

C14: from Latin cūriōsus taking pains over something, from cūra care.

3) Transparent adjective: Open & honest.

C15: from Medieval Latin transpārēre to show through, from Latin trans- + pārēre to appear.

Which, when all 3 are combined together facilitate true reciprocity.

Values or Yogababble? 

Last year at a business networking event I had a showcase stand which enabled visitors to engage in great conversations about Values in their business & the need to be able to be able to define their Meaning, and to understand their Behaviour & Mindset. All too often Values are dismissed as of lesser importance to sales & product/service development. Yet, as the slide at the bottom illustrates, they can contribute to not only greater talent attraction & retention but increase the valuation of the business by up to 7 times average. 


Don’t confuse Values with Culture Fit, the latter dilutes DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion). Values must be more meaningful than just that we employ x people of x category. 

For those looking to establish values in their work, you may wish to consider: 

A) they are crucial in the following areas 

Decision making 


Choosing clients & suppliers 

& more.... 

B) Exercise in getting to values 

i) what's the best thing about being part of business x 

ii) what are we brilliant at? 

& more... 

C) Select 3 Values which fit the following criteria 



& more... 

D) What do those words mean to you? 

E) What are their associated behaviours? 

F) What do you need to do to meet these behaviours? 

G) For each one ask, 'how does that show up? 

PS: Stay away from the meaningless ones like 'integrity' & 'honesty', they're a given. 

Think about things that are unique in your business, the things that only you can offer to clients & customers. 

Design your values with intent, starting with employee feedback. Does everyone & I mean everyone understand them? If you have volunteers &/or remote workers, do they?  Are your Values embedded in your day-to-day decision making?  What will you differently that is driven by the Values you’ve chosen?  Are they real? OR to quote Scott Galloway merely YOGABABBLE? 

Yogababble is an attempt to smear Vaseline over the lens of truth, and often used by entrepreneurs to make their company, brand or products appear more compelling than they actually are. It enables founders to fog over the difference between truth and illusion and has become a viable formula for cheap capital — using visionary language to tickle our tribal senses and distract the public from the cold truth of numbers. Opinion | Scott Galloway | The Thin Line Entrepreneurs Must Be Careful Not to Cross. - NYU Stern 

Design your values with intent. Invest in and operationalize them, measure and reflect, and get feedback. The people that are going to be the most honest with you about whether you’ve come up with a good set of values are your employees. 

The strongest companies establish values that include diversity and inclusion in a way that goes far beyond the superficial photo of a diverse employee on a recruiting page. 

A word of caution here: Many companies have inadvertently allowed rules around “culture fit” to prevent them from hiring diverse candidates. “Culture fit” candidates may feel and look like every other employee, which can lead to a lack of diversity. 

Values mean nothing without action. 


Just as Newton’s Third Law tells us that in physics, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” every value also has a shadow side. 

Values are worthless if people don’t remember them when they’re making day-to-day decisions.   

Make sure values statements are real & not what Scott Galloway calls Yogababble. 

How would it look to make decisions based on your values? 

What can you do differently to be driven by the values you choose? 


How Reboundog & I can help you to Create Resilience in Social Impact Ecosystems without Treehugging & Yogababble.

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That's all folks, until we meet again continue to Rebound with your dog!