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Financing not Fundraising
Financing not Fundraising was the title of an article I read nearly a decade ago by Nell Edgington, President of Social Velocity which made so much sense at the time. It’s subject matter arose last week during our fascinating conversations on the Reboundog Sofa Meet-up when we were discussing Partne
Reboundog seeks short notice sponsorship for our Sofa Meet-up
Reboundog Sofa Meet-up seeks short notice sponsorship Reboundog © Partnering Brands & Non-Profits with Mindy Dutka, Dogs I Meet Thursday 13th July 2023 12 noon ET, 5pm UK 170+ Registered Attendees Due to unforeseen family circumstances, I have received short notice cancellation of sponsorship for th
The Common Problem is Size!
In the 3 years of running Reboundog I’ve always focused on how I can support you as a micro/small pet business owner or non-profit animal welfare organisation founder to cause disruptive change, so that together we create a society in which disenfranchised people & dogs can belong. This support is c
Launching Soon: SpencerBH Kick Ass Business Culture Coaching
Reboundog continues to grow by adding value to it’s members. Some of you maybe aware that I’m currently very very close to completing my training to become a CPD accredited Kick Ass Business Culture Coach with Tricres.
How to reduce the huge personal emotional burnout so prevalent in....
Whilst there is valiant work being done to resolve the huge societal problems of people who live on the outskirts of society. Those of us who through no fault of our own; varying from broken homes, alcoholism, abuse, autism & the list goes on, have a disconnect from what is considered normal.
Reboundog is 3 years old!
Well, I could do the obvious & tell you all about our achievements since starting at zero with a dream 3 years ago in early May 2020. Reboundog © Instead, I’m preferring to share with you who we are & where we’re going.
Values - do yours describe the personality of your business?
Recently the observant amongst you may have noticed that I’m using 3 core words, in my updated Reboundog website & Sofa Meet-ups, next one on 11th May here, my email signature, & a lot of my posts. Photo credit: Samson Katt on Pexels Curious Adjective: eager to learn or know, inquisitive.
Bringing social good alive in the 21st century!
Back in the day when TVs looked similar to the one in the picture I was interviewed on then black & white television with probably only 2 channels. The reason was because I had raised the most money during the Boy Scout’s Bob A Job Week.
Is Culture the missing link in your Business Strategy?
As a valued subscriber of my Reboundog Casual Conversations Newsletter I’m so pleased for you to be the first to know my exciting news & offer…
Imagination versus Stagnation
Photo credit: Nick Fewings Unsplash We could just stay as we are, whatever it is that we’re doing right now & just repeat that scenario ad infinitum. We could just despair that society wants to continually ignore disenfranchised dogs & people.
Reboundog: The Human-Animal Bond Virtual Reality Global Village
Photo Credit: Spencer B. Hodgetts Throughout civilisations’ history there have been massive disruptions to the status quo.
Resilience & Renewal
Resilience & Renewal Pexels: Petr Ganaj. In both business & domestic life it is necessary to have resilient strength.
Reboundog Rebounds to it’s Roots
Twelve months ago in the first of my newsletters I invited you to co-design a new normal My invite to co-design a new normal | LinkedIn Since which time several Reboundog members have graciously accepted my invitation, knowing full well we’re in it for the long haul. In that we cannot magic a quick


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