How are You Demonstrating Resilience & Resourcefulness?

How are You Demonstrating Resilience & Resourcefulness?
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These two words are so relevant to the work of anyone involved in social change.


ecology; the ability of an ecosystem to return to its original state after being disturbed
[1620–30; ‹ L resili(ēns), prp. of resilīre to spring back, rebound ( see resilient) + -ence]
The word resilience derives from the present participle of the Latin verb resilire, meaning "to jump back" or "to recoil." The base of resilire is salire, a verb meaning "to leap"


the quality of being good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems, etc. Also, the ability to make decisions and act on your own.
[1850–55; resource + -ful]

Social change is never going to be a walk in the park. People will disagree with your mission, your methods, your viewpoint. I once had someone resign from Reboundog membership because we have members who include professional breeders & this ex member was vehement in her belief that all dog breeding should stop & only 'adopt don't shop' was the answer to all evils.

These two words: Resilience & Resourcefulness apply if you're a for profit business doing social good or a non-profit organisation. They apply if you're a CEO, a leader or an advocate in the field or in the kennels.

They are essential to your Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values for without these ingrained personal characteristics you will struggle to survive & succeed.

Why are they so relevant to me personally? Well, at the time of writing I'm one week away from being declared homeless. As the result of a Section 21 No Fault Eviction Notice (UK Tenancy Law) which expires on 8th July!

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Yes, I WILL Rebound... I have a lifetime of experience of bouncing back after being kicked in the proverbials. Though it's becoming a little tiring, maybe it's age, for it to repeatedly happen.

20 years ago on a trade union shop steward training, led by the lovely Claire Jones, who engaged us in an exercise to demonstrate that whilst we may think that we are only ones who stand for a cause. That in reality we discover that when we stand up & say in my case:

"I believe that marginalised dogs & disenfranchised people have the right to belong in society."

that others will stand up out of their seats with you.

How am I demonstrating Resourcefulness?

My key fob with leather work by Reboundog member Emi Berki

The show goes on!

Whilst having a mega blitz to reduce by a minimum of 50% a plethora of random hand written (probably a better description would be scrawled) notes written down over several years I'm noticing....well I knew it already, but this has reinforced my belief in what I enjoy & excel at:

Role: Catalyst, Behind the scenes weaving together a broad network of powerful partners with shared values. Orchestrating the array of actors that together can deliver a more efficient, effective & sustainable impact.

The other note on that piece of paper reads:

Goal: to build the larger system that is necessary for delivering on the mission**

My project for the second six months of this year will be to understand & organise* my network connections.

Spencer B. Hodgetts

As you can see from the above picture it all too easy to become infatuated with the numbers. Please don't start me off on so called social media influencers! But, seriously may I recommend that you slow down for a moment to reflect & ask yourself how many people in your business network do you really really know?

This template from the toolkit of my second love of business culture coaching*** can be used for you to consider your relationships with your network. Business networks are not just about making sales.

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Where & With Whom Are You Networking

I'm seeking to understand where and with whom you network & how I can help you do it for a social purpose.

Please take a few minutes to answer my short survey here:


Our next stage of Reboundog growth in additional paid services will be a Social System Map

Social System Mapping was originally meant simply to support network weaving, but the practice that is emerging around it is about so much more. It has become one part of a larger process meant to instigate, amplify, and accelerate regenerative systemic transformations through weaving multi-stakeholder change networks that support their members in becoming increasingly self-organizing and adaptive so that they can meet the challenges of our times. We believe that among the conditions needed by regenerative transformation networks are an ever-deepening, shared understanding of systems, complexity, and change among network members, in addition to support for enhanced relationship building. Greater Than The Sum Social Systems Maps: SumApp video, try from about 22mins for a visual explainer.

To register your interest please complete my short survey here

To build the larger system that is necessary for delivering on the mission**

This has always been the core focus for Reboundog to provide you with the supporting ecosystem infrastructure to create social impact at global scale.

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Creating social impact at global scale requires Values to be embedded in everything you do. Reboundog's values of Trust, Curious & Transparent are demonstrated in our events.

Next Event:

Reboundog Sofa Meet-ups*

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Don't just be ready for investment, be ready to win it! In the world of angel investing, understanding the power dynamic between you and potential backers is key. Knowing when to approach them is important, but so is capitalising on your power position as the entrepreneur offering a high-growth investment opportunity. In today’s Reboundog Sofa chat, we’ll discuss this equation.


Aisha is the driving force behind Zenith Street, a boutique consultancy that empowers tech startups & SMEs with strategic business development and venture capital fundraising plans. With over 20 years of experience as an insider of both the VC & banking worlds, she leverages her unique perspective to guide businesses towards impactful growth solutions.

Aisha's career began in the heart of London's angel investor scene, where she honed her expertise in business growth and liquidity strategies. This experience transitioned seamlessly into commercial banking, where she directly supported businesses in achieving their financial goals. This journey equipped Aisha with an unparalleled understanding of the entire business financing landscape, from venture capital to traditional commercial finance.

A champion for women's advancement, Aisha has dedicated herself to mentoring aspiring female entrepreneurs through Natwest Bank's Business Accelerator program. Her passion for empowering women extends beyond mentorship, as she is currently authoring a book that advocates for a funding revolution specifically for women-led businesses.

The Business Growth Architect: Empowering Solo CEOs

Beyond strategic consulting, Aisha is also renowned as "The Business Growth Architect." As a business coach, she empowers SoloCEOs™ through her Forward Focus CEO™ Incubator programme. This programme shapes these business owners into "revenue alchemists," equipping them with the tools and strategies to not only power up their profits but also enjoy the guilt-free journey of selling their services or products.

When Aisha isn't immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, she finds joy in exploring new paths through long walks and unwinding with a captivating book.

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About Reboundog Global Networking; Business networking should not just be about growing your business for more money. Business networking should also be about enabling a huge social-impact, adding social value to your community and creating an inclusive society.

* from July 2024 these will continue to be free for existing members (as at 02-06-2024). Guests will be invited to attend their first one free, then there will be a charge to cover overheads of $15/ RGN West & $15/ RGN East.

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Reboundog Coaching delivered by Spencer B. Hodgetts***

If your business, whether that is a for-profit or a non-profit, is to achieve social-impact at scale then you need it to have a fantastic culture at the heart of everything you do....




I will be starting my next programme in August 2024. Passionately bringing you 50 years of work/business experience from the shop floor to the global boardroom, combined with my deep understanding of natural ecosystems & using the fantastic Tricres coaching toolkit.

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That's all folks, until we meet again continue to Rebound with your dog!


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