Reboundog Rebounds to it's Roots

Reboundog Rebounds to it's Roots
Photo Credit: Spencer B. Hodgetts

Twelve months ago in the first of my LinkedIn newsletters I invited you to co-design a new normal My invite to co-design a new normal | LinkedIn

Since which time several Reboundog members have graciously accepted my invitation, knowing full well we're in it for the long haul. In that we cannot magic a quick fix to huge social problems troubling not only the animal welfare/ rescue sector. One reason we cannot conjure up a quick fix is that they don't work, they're not sustainable & certainly don't benefit disenfrachised dogs. Just look at what happened at the start COVID-19 when there was a rush to adopt / foster a dog out of a shelter. There were no end of social media pictures showing empty shelters to much short lived applause. I recall being one of the first to see & say that it would fail & the majority would be returned when people's lifestyles & finances changed as the pandemic endured.

As we start a New Year, & Happy New Year to my subscribers, I believe it's an appropriate time to slow down to consider where we want to go in 2023. No I'm not referring to resolutions as like the quick fixes referred to above they don't work either.

We need to consider the roots on which our long term vision is built. So that we can sow seeds which will prosper.

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Whilst packing up our home ready to move soon I've come across several early draft written thoughts which still have relevance to where I'm leading Reboundog in 2023.

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This is from way before Reboundog, back in the day when I was into combining corporate sustainability with trade unionism. I was first person ever to successfully negotiate for the phrase sustainability to be included in an EWC (European Works Council) MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) for what was then the world's 4th largest global logistic company. Little known fact, I dropped out of an MSc in Sus. Dev. at Exeter. The word animateur in this context resonated (& still does) to the extent I used it for a long while on my LinkedIn profile. Unfortunately very few people in UK understand that meaning & use it only with regards to theatre.

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This is definitely a pre-runner to Reboundog in which I can still read the tap root of the mission....the global social-impact network of animal human interactions

the global social-impact network for further explanation please read: Social What? You May Well Ask? | LinkedIn

Note: not another animal welfare organisation or similar in their current form trying to immediately save lives in the current system. But to become a " Production network – to foster collective action by members to produce innovative practices, public-policy proposals, & other outputs for social-impact.”

To achieve this we need a globally diverse perspective, which at times will bring together those who are initially opposed to working with others who don't hold their own viewpoint.

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Photo Credit: Spencer B. Hodgetts

How then are the Working Group of Reboundog co-designing a new normal for 2023?

1) Our first quarterly Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on 12th Jan.

The theme will be: Start up Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World for Animals

Spencer B. Hodgetts on LinkedIn: #startup #socialentrepreneurship #humaneeducation #socialimpactnetworking
Hello Reboundog Guests, Friends & Raving Fans, With less than 3 hours left of 2022 here in the UK I'd love to give you something for FREE to look forward to…

2) Our monthly Reboundog Sofa Meet-ups Every 2nd Thursday of month

The discussions & networking within these is so powerful that recently a video recording of one last year was used by a member to negotiate a partnership with external funders. Video in Link

Spencer B. Hodgetts on LinkedIn: #socialentrepreneur #animalrescue #animalwelfare
Are you a canine social entrepreneur who wants to learn from those who are innovative disruptors? learn from those who are just a few steps in front of where…

3) The seeds we sowed towards the end of last year in a VR (Virtual Reality) glasshouse are starting to sprout even during these cold ( in Northern Hemisphere) winter months. Enhanced by our reciprocal networking skills, we are creating an ecosystem between VR expert designers & marketers and our own member educators. The fruit of which will be a VR educational opportunity for marginalised people within the human animal bond world.

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Registration link for Our first quarterly Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on 12th Jan.

Sofa Meet-Up RSVP | Reboundog

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  • First Published on Reboundog Casual Conversations LinkedIn Newsletter January 1, 2023