Healing With Undying Love

Healing With Undying Love

What stands out most about people and their animal companions is the extent of the love they share. This is especially apparent in instances where the pet has passed over. It is inspiring to be amidst this powerful energy of love and devotion.

Unconditional love from our pets creates a unique sense of safety and intimacy. We can be our most authentic selves with them. The degree of trust we feel for them is unparalleled, and we invite them into our lives like no other.

The physical loss of our beloved pets rips our hearts open. The grief can feel overwhelming and oppressive. We may second guess ourselves and replay the last days or hours of their life, desperately searching for the key that will bring them back to us.

When immersed in the raw emotions of grief, we can lose sight of the greater truth. We underestimate the power of our love. It is this very love that is the gateway to our healing.

Even after their bodies pass, our pets continue to be with us. The relationships live on, only in a different form. Our beloveds are there for us and appreciate when we open to their presence. They are ready to support us in our healing. Just as there were lessons in our physical lives with them, they have gifts for us as we grieve the passing of their bodies.

Grief is a natural part of loss and can be heart-wrenching. At the same time, it offers an entry into a whole new way of relating to our pets in spirit form. We are never alone in our pain. They are right there holding us in their paws of love.

(Originally Appeared As June 5, 2023 Healing With Animals Blog Post)