Overcome the Stress of Christmas with Support from Reboundog members

Overcome the Stress of Christmas with Support from Reboundog members
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Whether or not you celebrate Christmas this is an enhanced stressful time of the year, both financially & emotionally. A time when there is far too much, often unspoken, peer pressure to conform to a Disneyesque 'magical' Xmas. I've been broke both financially (see below) & emotionally (my brother died on 25-12-1996) on previous Christmases so I've really have worn the t-shirt!

So for those feeling all stressed out I'd like to offer you great opportunities from two Reboundog members who are launching new ventures.

Dogs and Men, LLC

Michael Overlie

Dogs and MenA Men's Support Circle. Our group is a unique and supportive community that leverages the power of the human-canine bond to facilitate personal growth and camaraderie among men. In this space, participants come together to share their journeys, challenges, and successes while enjoying the companionship of our four-legged friends. 

Imagine a serene environment where men gather, surrounded by the comforting presence of the your own dog who already provide emotional support. The gentle, non-judgmental nature of our canine companions creates an atmosphere of trust and openness, allowing participants to explore their emotions and vulnerabilities in a safe and empathetic setting. 

The focus of our support circle is on the journey of transitioning from anger to peace. The presence of these loving animals helps create a calming environment, encouraging participants to reflect on their experiences and work towards a more peaceful state of mind. The dogs act as facilitators, offering a soothing presence, encouraging non-verbal communication, and providing comfort during moments of reflection. 

Our Men's Support Circle with Canine Companions is designed for those seeking a holistic approach to personal well-being. Whether you're navigating life transitions, managing stress, or simply looking to connect with others on a deeper level, our group welcomes you with open arms and paws. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and support, accompanied by the unwavering love and companionship of our canine friends.

People can use Michael's calendar link:




Tapping to the Rescue

SL Gillespie

At Tapping to the Rescue™️ we offer help and healing for stress, grief, and compassion fatigue.

By providing veterinary and shelter employees or volunteers with an effective tool for managing compassion fatigue, it can reduce turnover rates. When employees and volunteers feel emotionally supported and capable of handling the demands of their job, they are more likely to stay in their positions and continue providing high-quality care to animals and their owners.

Please visit us at https://tappingtotherescue.com/ to find out more about how we can assist your organization.

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I mentioned earlier that I'd been financially broke at Xmas. This was back in the '80s when I was landscape contracting & we got paid by cheque. So I'd done a budget forecast expecting a multiple five figure cheque to arrive in the post & to be able to bank it to clear in time for Xmas. When it didn't arrive I chased it by landline phone only to be told a cock & bull story that the cheque was 'locked' in the director's desk drawer & he'd gone on vacation to Barbados. Reality was, that civil engineering company held their annual shareholders meeting in January & delayed paying sub-contractors' monies to impress the bottom line!

Which led me to recruit members for a small business lobby group in the late '90s, successfully campaigning for late payment legislation (a story for another day).

This lived experience is one of many over five working decades why I'm so passionate to support micro-business owners & non-profit founders to have the tools to grow successfully.

I do this in 3 ways:

Kick Ass Culture Business Coaching There are dynamics gaining serious traction that business can be a force for good and the necessity for non-profits to be run with a business mentality. They both then become aligned with the concepts of Social Impact, Social Good, & Social Entrepreneurship; maybe as a hybrid between for profit & non-profit.

If you have decided to be a leader in this field, then the question arises as to how do you become known internally & externally as the only ones who do what you do, aka the disruptor?

It starts with building a fantastic Culture as a Foundation for Growth.

Awesome FREE BONUS OFFER ends 15th Dec!

Tricres ©

If you are seeking to change your lifestyle & income in 2024.

Escape The 9 to 5 Unlock your coaching potential! Join Tricres exclusive event and gain insider knowledge, practical strategies, and invaluable tips to supercharge your coaching journey. Don't miss out, limited spots available for Wednesday 13th event. Reserve your place now! (Disclosure affiliate).

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Why Reboundog?

We believe the system is broken!

We believe we need to address the problems behind the problems.

We believe we need to educate the next generation of pet advocates to impact the world.

We believe the next generation of pet advocates that will impact the world will be for profit social entrepreneurs.

You are most welcome to join us today

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Please join us for our next Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on Thursday Dec 14th.

PS: There is a fantastic choice here from Reboundog member Joanna Dumas

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