Too Many Silos & Too Few Collaborations in a Dysfunctional Ecosystem

Too Many Silos & Too Few Collaborations in a Dysfunctional Ecosystem
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All too often we have established silos (aka closed shops) of practice within which we do business, with whom we learn from, & with whom we network.

This seriously limits our thinking, our knowledge & our development! It creates self-grandiosing egos with the false belief of 'I'm right you're wrong, only my method will work'.

If this model is correct then please ask yourself why the F...! do we still have horrendous scenarios in animal welfare/rescue & within disenfranchised people.

Only a few days ago someone suggested to me that it is governments' role to stop back yard & puppy farm (mill) breeders. I'm not convinced that this will ever happen for numerous reasons. Martin's Act in the UK is now over 200 years old & there are counties in the UK (2023) with an 11% above national average in animal cruelty - the nasty stuff!

Such a siloed model limits beyond comprehension our ability to create social impact with which to change the world.

Natural ecosystems (in which we were once more participatory) that we now crave to emulate do not operate in silos of isolation. Though I am a realistically aware that not all symbiotic relationships are mutually beneficial to all parties.

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What I am passionately convinced of is the huge opportunity for for-profit business to be a force for good at scale!

Reboundog was founded on the concept of being the 'bridge between silos, stovepipes & solitudes' (Dale 2001) that usually keep people & their organisations separate. It is time to bring together diverse individuals who would not normally encounter one another, though you may not all have the same values & views.

To facilitate this process of connectivity Reboundog is launching twice monthly Global Networking Virtual Meet-ups where we can bridge the gap between business networking, global connectivity & business as a force for good.

For more background thoughts please see my previous newsletters: Global Networking with Impact & Why Do You Network?

The launch date is this Wednesday 8th May at 6pm UK / 1pm ET at the Reboundog Sofa Meet-up, Open House Global Networking with Our Members

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