Why Do You Network?

Why Do You Network?
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If you are in the Human-Animal Bond space or Animal Welfare, Animal Rescue, Veterinary Profession, Human Therapy/Social Work or Philanthropy/Investment Sector are you simply networking just to grow your business/non-profit?

Grow it to do what exactly, make more money, more sales, a greater social media presence?

Surely, any business can network to do one of those three things without any consideration for the impact their business is having on people or the planet.

For what purpose do you really gather in person or virtually?

To understand that question further I recommend you read The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker.

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Have you recently questioned the essential purpose of your business/organisation?

Why does it exist and what would happen to society if it didn't?

Our global problems are systemic and complex, meaning that we need to find solutions through authentic collaborations and technology ecosystems. To be really able to implement transformational initiatives, both public organisations and privately owned enterprises need new frameworks to help explain how the entrepreneurial reality is changing and thereby help expand their mindsets and ways of thinking. Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation p21.

What if you could network to not only grow your business/non-profit, but do it through authentic collaborations? A network of authentic collaborations which helped you expand your mindset and ways of thinking, in which you established a business culture focused on one, or a combination, of the following: (In my book, non of which have to be done purely as a non-profit entity).

Social entrepreneurship:

Recognizing and resourcefully pursuing opportunities to create social value & crafting innovative approaches to addressing critical social needs.

Social franchising:

Social franchising is the application of the principles of commercial franchising to promote social benefit rather than private profit.

Social Innovation:

Social innovations are new social practices that aim to meet social needs in a better way than the existing solutions.

Systems Change:

How social entrepreneurs are catalyzing systems change.

Systems Advocates:

Systems advocacy is focused on the change of systems. This includes areas such as collecting and using data to influence research, funding, and advocacy that help serve to be a collective voice, especially for those who are most vulnerable.

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Is this to be approached as a quick fix which is usually unsustainable? Or as I wrote previously as Long Term Game Networking with Long Term People

How then are we to achieve authentic collaborations for sustainable social impact?

Reboundog is focused on Social impact networking:

To understand this further I recommend you read: Connecting to Change the World

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Our next stage of growth in additional paid services will be a Social System Map

Social System Mapping was originally meant simply to support network weaving, but the practice that is emerging around it is about so much more. It has become one part of a larger process meant to instigate, amplify, and accelerate regenerative systemic transformations through weaving multi-stakeholder change networks that support their members in becoming increasingly self-organizing and adaptive so that they can meet the challenges of our times. We believe that among the conditions needed by regenerative transformation networks are an ever-deepening, shared understanding of systems, complexity, and change among network members, in addition to support for enhanced relationship building. Greater Than The Sum Social Systems Maps: SumApp video, try from about 22mins for a visual explainer.

To register your interest please complete my short survey here

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Over the next 6 months I'll coach you through....

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Online Discounts for Subscribers of this Newsletter close at Midnight PT April 7th

Spencer's Networking in Person

I have a coffee meet-up arranged tomorrow with local Chamber of Commerce Local Skills Improvement Plan's Engagement Manager to explore our mutual synergies (briefly recognised during in person Chamber networking events) & how the skills required in the Human-Animal Bond can be incorporated into the skills that school children are taught so society becomes more inclusive.

In a call with Sheryl Joyce, she commented it was this topic that lit my face up!

Reboundog Sofa Meet-up

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"Unleashing Leadership: How Canine Wisdom Transforms Corporate Culture"

Join Iris Grimm & Reboundog members for an engaging conversation on the fascinating intersection of leadership development and canine companionship! In this interactive session, we'll explore the untapped potential of incorporating principles learned from our rescue dogs into the corporate world.

Discover how the remarkable traits exhibited by dogs – resilience, stress relief, playfulness, leadership, creativity, empathy, and teamwork – can be seamlessly integrated into business practices to enhance performance and foster a thriving workplace culture.

We'll collaborate on how embracing a pet-friendly workplace environment or incorporating dogs into leadership development programs can lead to increased engagement, improved morale, and enhanced productivity among team members. After all, when we bring out the best in dogs, they bring out the best in us!

If you're passionate about animal welfare and interested in leveraging the power of canine companionship to drive positive change in the corporate arena, this session is for you. Join us as we explore how embracing the dog-human bond can revolutionize the way we lead and work.

The world talks about having a purpose driven business and building great cultures, but how do you actually do that?

Then join Tricres Founders Rebecca Bonnington & Nick Davies on 16th April to learn how to build your business coach & consulting enterprise to help business owners do exactly that and more.

Imagine Your Conversations....

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  • Bridging the gap between diverse perspectives and forging collaborative partnerships to drive meaningful change.
  • Shaking up the status quo and crafting innovative initiatives that truly transform the pet landscape.
  • Turning every meeting into an opportunity to secure buy-in, resources and support for your vision. Register Here

Spencer's Networking in Person

The next day, I have a coffee meet-up arranged with a director of a domiciliary care business with a mutual interest in therapy dogs.

Then I'm attending 2 networking events in person. One is themed around 'Your Place, Your Business, Your Community' which has so much potential to incorporate the human-animal bond into social-impact to create a more inclusive society. Plus, I wish to network with interested players in convening a meet-up to explore how we do this & by default reduce our local 11% above national average annual increase in animal cruelty (Source RSPCA).

Also, I have a Supercharge session booked with Tricres to upskill my coaching.

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Reboundog member Beth Miller has invited me to speak on both days!!!!!


A Global Perspective on Animal Rescue / Welfare

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Animal Assistance Programmes

NB: I have sent out personal invites via email for others to join me as co-speakers.

Do host your own podcast?

I'm seeking to fill my calendar with Guest Speaking Opportunities

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