Which platform is your pet advocacy business standing on in 2024?

Which platform is your pet advocacy business standing on in 2024?
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You may have observed, if you've followed or listened to me over the years, that I have a strong fascination with platform organisations. Not the behemoths of Facebook or AirBnB, but those that to quote Simone Cicero in his The Meaning of the Platform Organizations

''Some advanced traits of thriving organizations (intended as “ways of organizing”) can therefore only be developed by means of interactions, conversations and collaborations between the people that make the inside (employees and collaborators), the outside (customers and providers) and the edge (partners) of the organizations. Modern intelligence IS inherently social and interactional (or transactional) and bureaucratic organizations which are used to think in terms of boundaries and competition often fail to have the right conversations across these very boundaries''.

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Hence you can now understand how my BHAG project for 2024 is to transform Reboundog from what I describe as a social-impact network into a fully fledged platform organisation to enable social impact at global scale over the next 5 years & then beyond.

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So how are we together to achieve this change and will the journey ticket you have in your hand actually take you to your desired destination in 2024?

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To help you decide, I have a choice of 4 alternative tickets available....

.....''can therefore only be developed by means of interactions, conversations and collaborations between''.....

#1 To help you Empower Your Purpose: Foster Transformative Conversations for Pet Advocacy I'm hosting a FREE workshop this Thursday 1st Feb.

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#2 To help you have curious & transparent conversations leading to collaborations I'm hosting Reboundog's Sofa Meet-up on Feb 8th. Our guest in conversation will be Madelaine Hardy, Global Communities & Coalitions Manager at Giving Tuesday.

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For those not familiar with Reboundog Sofa Meet-ups,(web page due to be updated) they are designed to give you the opportunity to participate in curious & transparent conversations (as opposed to the normal panel /webinar of being spoken to) with the leading global experts in the fields of pet advocacy & animal welfare.

Meet Pet Advocates, Share Ideas & Take Action!

Conversations with pet advocates as if you’re on your favourite sofa with your best friend.

Curious & transparent conversations without presentations and absolutely no up-sell from speakers!

Conversations with industry experts as if you’re on your favourite sofa with your most trusted colleague.

Curious & transparent conversations without egos, exclusivity & status!

Register to attend here FREE


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Join Reboundog as an annual Gold Member before midnight Pacific Time Wed 31st Jan 2024 for £500, instantly saving 17% compared to paying monthly.

Then, receive my 6 month delivery of Tricres CRESCO Coaching Programme FREE!!!! That's a minimum saving of £1250! ONLY 10 TICKETS AVAILABLE!!

The first 5 people to join as an annual Gold Member will also receive a FREE ticket to the Sofa Meet-up on Feb 8th....Be Quick!

Total savings -£100 Reboundog Gold Membership

-£1650 Reboundog Coaching, if paid monthly

-£45 Reboundog Sofa Meet-up Feb 8th

TOTAL: Your Investment £500 You SAVE £1795!

This offer is not available on Reboundog.com

#4 Your opportunity to sponsor this Reboundog Casual Conversations Newsletter

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Then shared on Reboundog News & mailed to 233 subscribers of whom 40%+ open it regularly.

Then shared on my Pet Advocacy and Therapy Professionals Network LinkedIn Group 1601 members.

Your opportunity to reach the world's leading innovators & disruptors in pet advocacy who are changing the world together, for between £2k & £5k per year.

To discuss this opportunity let's grab a virtual coffee soon to understand your needs. To choose a mutually convenient time please visit & I'll send you a GMeets link.

Please note: prospective small & medium size enterprise sponsors must have values embedded in their business that are in sync with Reboundog's of Trust, Curious & Transparent.