Values - do yours describe the personality of your business?

Values - do yours describe the personality of your business?
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Recently the observant amongst you may have noticed that I'm using 3 core words, in my updated Reboundog website & Sofa Meet-ups, next one on 11th May here, my email signature, & a lot of my posts.

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Adjective: eager to learn or know, inquisitive.

Synonyms: inquisitive, interested.

Origin: 1275–1325; Middle English <Latin cūriōsus careful, inquisitive, equivalent to cūri- (combining form of cūra care) + -ōsus-ous.

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Adjective: open, frank, candid:

Synonyms: clear, translucent.

Origin: First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English, from Medieval Latin trānspārent- (stem of trānspārēns) “showing through” (present participle of trānspārēre), equivalent to Latin trāns-trans- + pārent- (stem of pārēns), present participle of pārēre “to appear”

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Verb: to establish communication between.

Adjective: of or relating to a connection or connections.

Synonyms: associate, join.

Origin: First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English, from Latin connectere, equivalent to con- “with, together” + nectere “to tie”;

So what do these 3 words have in common & what is their relevance to Reboundog? They are Reboundog's 3 core Values to which I'm working on establishing as the reason we do anything & everything!

How did I arrive at them? By a combination of:

a) They formed as a result of a conversation Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton & I recently had discussing the common barriers to actually achieving advancements in animal rescue/ welfare & human mental health. In that most conversations to use a quote from Marilyn Hamilton are stuck in 'silos, stovepipes & solitudes'. Or to put it another way there are far too many situations where people are so deeply rooted in their own opinion as the only possible solution, exacerbated by their unwillingness to listen to someone else's viewpoint. Whilst listening (a topic for a future newsletter) to Debra's thoughts from her professional mediation experience I observed the necessity for conversations to be both Curious & Transparent.

The third Value of Connect is core to who I am & what I do - a connector. This description of connector Power relations and institutional dynamics however are, up to a degree, a blind spot of the following historical analysis in terms of cultural connectors.Cambridge English Corpus. further exemplifies the barriers described above.

So Reboundog Connects pet advocates to have Curious & Transparent conversations through our Sofa Meet-ups and beyond.

b) My current training to become an accredited Tricres Kick Ass Business Culture Coach/Consultant.

The following is part of the Tricres Purpose Vision & Values toolkit.                                                 Tricres Ltd 2021 All Rights Reserved ©

Values are crucial in the following areas for business;

• Decision making

• Hiring

• Employee engagement

• Growth

To discover 7 me.

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Tricres Ltd 2021 All Rights Reserved ©

Everything begins with your employee engagement without which your business will struggle if they're not engaged.

Our exercise in getting to values starts with 4 questions

1. What’s the best thing about being part of Business A?

2. What are you brilliant at?

3. What would our competitors be most envious of?

4. If this team was a person, describe their characteristics

When working with your team look for recurring themes.

Select 3 values, which fit the following criteria;



Differentiating - only you can do them

To discover 6 more questions & how I can help you embed your business values in everything you me.

Definition: A brand is a collection of values and beliefs that everyone in an

organisation creates and which define the behaviour of the organisation.

I'm 90% through my training with Tricres, with an offer from a 4x award winning business to be my case study for accreditation.

I'm now taking coaching enquiries from micro businesses, start-ups, social entrepreneurs in the pet industry who are serious about growing their business in 2023.