Happy New Year

Happy New Year
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I'd like to wish all Reboundog members, raving fans & supporters, and Subscribers to this Reboundog Casual Conversations newsletter, and my Connections, followers, & members of my Pet Advocacy and Therapy Professionials Network group on LinkedIn an extraordinarily successful New Year. Thank you for all the wonderful conversations we had last year online & occasionally in person.

You may well be thinking that today you should be creating that never to be read again & certainly never fulfilled list of New Year Resolutions. Why waste your time on something so pointless.

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Here's 4 alternative ways of productively spending your time in January 2024.

All guaranteed to wake you up in this New Year to a world of WOW!,

W = What ifs....What happens to my business if I don't implement change?

O = Opportunities to learn fresh perspectives.

W = Wishes changing to strategic implementations!

4th, Jan Free Workshop

Learn How You Can Always Have Constructive Conversations

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We often don’t articulate what we mean properly and quite often don’t understand ourselves what it is that we want to say. If you want to sell more things to more people and to lead and manage people successfully, and make sure your difficult conversations are as straight forward as possible then this is the programme for you.


8th Jan, Escape the 9 to 5 with Tricres' Rebecca 😎 Bonnington & Nick Davies

THINK ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE NOW... Will your employment be replaced by AI? Are you in a corporate role which may succumb to downsizing?

Tricres' Rebecca Bonnington & Nick Davies ©

This ISN'T for you if you:

- want to be a life coach.. this is for business coaching and consulting

- don't want to invest in yourself or learn something new

This absolutely IS FOR YOU IF:

- you want CHOICE in how you work and what you do

- want to raise others up

- want to build better places to work

- want to serve the business community by building businesses with kick-ass cultures

- help stop others from experiencing toxic work cultures


11th Jan, I'm honoured to welcome back Billie Groom who is speaking on the Reboundog Sofa Meet-up with Harrison O Neill

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The sequel to the popular, insightful, and invigorating conversation from the fall of 2023.

Our curious conversation, for you to raise any questions or share any of your own experiences, will be based on Billie's Ethics Essay PhD

Please read it beforehand to understand the context of:

Responsible leadership in the non-profit and unregulated industries, and the challenges in creating change in these spaces.


29th Jan, First date of my 6 month paid programmes for 2024 using the toolkit of the Tricres CRESCO model

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C Culture & Mindset

R Roles, Responsibilities & Accountabilities

E Economic Engine

S Strategy

C Clear Leadership & Communication

O Opportunities for Growth

There are dynamics gaining serious traction that business can be a force for good and the necessity for non-profits to be run with a business mentality. They both, then become aligned with the concepts of Social Impact, Social Good, & Social Entrepreneurship; maybe as a hybrid between for profit & non-profit.

If you have decided to be a leader in this field, then the question arises as to how do you become known internally & externally as the only ones who do what you do, aka the disruptor –‘a company or form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation’.

It starts with building a fantastic Culture as a Foundation for Growth. https://lnkd.in/eX3UFCRi