Resilience in the Face of Adversity Creates Opportunities

Resilience in the Face of Adversity Creates Opportunities
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How do you respond when something in life or business kicks you unexpectedly?

What if you were half way up climbing a steep mountain like the girl in the header photo ?

Do you take the poor me, my fault, I'm doomed & simply let go of the rope? Without really considering the detrimental consequences.

Or do you assess the situation, your present position, your resources and skill & knowledge capabilities? Then refocus on where you wanted to climb to, aka your vision.

At which point you dismiss any thoughts of failure to completely focus on your goal & continue to climb with renewed energy.

Why am I asking this? A few days ago I received notice from a client of their decision, with immediate effect, to cancel their participation in my 6 month coaching programme. To be honest I wan't totally surprised and resilience in the face of adversity does become easier with practice.

So I had a choice either take the 'poor me' route & wonder what I was going to do with the time I have scheduled for future months.


Seize the opportunity this have given me to reboot my offer of a six month coaching programme now starting on Monday 8th April. This gives me the capability to be of service to 6 new people, who had the scenario remained the same would not have had the chance to work with me online until September.

6 people who are dynamic & hungry to learn key soft business skills which will become their toolkit to transform their business growth. Those who are willing to take action, learn skills they are currently missing & practice, practice, practice. One doesn't learn to successfully climb a mountain without practice, falling & bouncing back to try try again. Resilience is a well practiced art.

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NB: Limited to 6 business owners / non-profit founders.

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What exercise are you doing to climb new peaks?

Prior to launching Reboundog I read an article on platform businesses which struck a chord as to what I wanted to do next. I've now purchased the book that amplifies that thinking where they are built for purpose.

So this holiday weekend I'll be exercising my mental muscles to learn more...

This newsletter is written in memoriam of Tarka the Pedigree Shaded-Red Mini-Dachshund who flew forever on 29th March 2023.