One decision, what will it be?

One decision, what will it be?
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If you had only one decision to make in the next 12 days, what will it be?

The one decision to transform your micro business or non-profit for accelerated growth in 2024, what will it be?

To help you decide I've launched.....


One 1-2-1 Power Hour with me per month for the next 6 months

(T&Cs apply see below)*

“A power hour with Spencer will be worth it’s weight in gold. He’s dynamic, smart, wise and understands business of all shapes and sizes” Rebecca Bonnington CEO & Co-founder Tricres.

Why am I doing this?

Because I probably don't have several decades of working life (I've used up 5 working decades already) left to help you grow your for profit business or your non-profit organisation to create huge social impact by becoming known internally & externally as the only ones who do what you do. So I want to inspire you in a much shorter time frame to impact others with your work. Then together we can impact at scale.

Who is it for?

Dynamic & innovative micro business owners & non-profit founders who seriously want to change the world and who pay in full* for my 6 month Tricres CRESCO Programme starting 18th Dec.

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How does it work?

We meet online (or in person-location dependent) for half a day per month as a group of 6 to 12 business owners /non-profit founders.

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"If anyone wants to make it happen - in 2023 and beyond - they need to check out Spencer B. Hodgetts and his amazing network! Seriously. Some of the most valuable support and helpful people I have ever met, starting at the top with Spencer himself.

(It's ok Spencer, in Texas they have a saying "it ain't bragging if it's the truth""

SL Gillispie, & Tapping to the Rescue™

In between each workshop you will receive a 1-2-1 Power Hour with me to explore further a relevant business issue specific to you.

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"If you don’t know or haven’t worked with Spencer Hodgetts, I would highly recommend you correct this error. Spencer is a badass coach and a disruptor. This means he isn’t worried about what others think, he is concerned with helping his clients become their absolute best. Honesty and integrity, my two favorite words, are what he embodies.

He has done more for me than he realizes and I am grateful". Michael Overlie, Men's Guide, Nonprofit Founder, Energy Healer, Author

Why are the Power Hours Free?

I wish to give back in reciprocation for your joining the programme with a bonus that would cost you as an investment more than the group programme itself.

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Spencer B. Hodgetts