My invite to co-design a new normal

My invite to co-design a new normal
Photo Credit: Spencer B. Hodgetts

We have huge opportunity to grasp this New Year 2022 to co-design a new normal together. (Originally written in Jan 2022 & published on LinkedIn)

For far far too long, not just in the animal welfare world, but everywhere we have created silos. Sometimes this has been because we've followed existing examples of what we think we 'should do' as to how we create change to improve the world.

Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA describes "building bridges across silos, stovepipes & solitudes" Meshworking Intelligence – Integral City

On other occasions we've built containers around our knowledge for protection & status.

 Hand help up to stop, next to a shipping container
Photo Credit: marcus-p--SsIAPIO6Tg-unsplash.jpg

In the animal welfare world we have, across the globe, thousands if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of businesses, charities, institutions, movements, organisations & networks. Each in their own individual way is doing wonderful work.

Paul Hawken in his Blessed Unrest speech at Bioneers April 2007, at 1m 50s, described a similar scenario in the environmental justice world. Wiser Earth

If we narrow the animal welfare world down to animal rescue then again narrow it down to dog rescue. Then my questions for you to contemplate are....

Rescued dog behind wire cage in 60's

If this photo taken in Orange County, California is 60 years old. Then why is it still so relevant to the problems we have today?

Why is this still fact: 56% of dogs that enter animal shelters are euthanized. American Humane 2021?

Globe with a vision of a new world inside

We need to disrupt as in cause radical change in (an industry or market) by means of innovation.

We need disruptive collaborations to vision & create sustainable solutions to stop the current situation continuing for another 60 years.

We need disruptive collaborators!

Fractal network

We can do this by creating what Christine Capra refers to as an eco-centric network ''Network of people & organisations aligned around a common purpose"

Network-ing Does Not Equal Network WEAVING - Greater Than The Sum

So I'll conclude my personal invitation to you to co-design a new normal with this quote....

I slept & dreamt quote Rabindranath Tagore