Love dogs, meeting like-minded people & growing your business?

Love dogs, meeting like-minded people & growing your business?

My friend, Spencer B. Hodgetts is launching a platform through his already successful and much-loved Reboundog called Reboundog Global Networking. It's for people like us who love dogs, have a pet-related business or not and are looking for a platform of like-minded people to, as Spencer says, have conversations that begin with curiosity and transparency, grow their business network both here and abroad and do it through a trusted and respected platform.

Reboundog, for those who aren't familiar, has a mission to create social impact and community focused on marginalized dogs and people. Spencer is smart, has a beautiful community he's attracted and has a huge heart to help.

His Sofa Meetups on Reboundog began this idea. Spencer invites someone doing meaningful work in the pet space to come on in a very organic and casual environment and create a discussion about what they do. I've participated as both an interviewee and guest, and found it to be enriching, educational and fun. I've met good people. Reach out to Spencer if you are doing something in the space that can benefit others by knowing about it.

Reboundog Global Networking expands on this idea. It's a global interactive social system map for you to find business, collaboration & network opportunities. Simply put, you have:

* Opportunities to network across the globe.
* Opportunities to use your business as a force for good, which makes every success that much sweeter.
* Opportunities to create trusted business collaborations.
* Opportunities to grow your business internationally.

I encourage you to learn more about Spencer's offer to create an even broader community around those of us who love dogs and want to help those less fortunate than ours or than us, have a better life. It all starts with connection and caring. Not only can we do this, we must. Look around you? The world's people and animals are screaming for connection and meaning. Spencer is creating a place to land.

To find out more: Reboundog Global Networking