Leading Social-impact Change

Leading Social-impact Change
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Recently Reboundog member Billie Groom in her paper Ethical Leadership Practices in the Canine Behaviour and Welfare Domain discussed 'a personal ethical situation we encountered or a general ethical practice in our area of expertise/professional domain that highlights a need for change in respect to leadership practices and models, either individually or on a systemic level'.

Our last Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on November 9th followed this with:

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This will be continued at our Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on January 11th.

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There is so much in Billie's paper that highlights the problems with Leading Social Impact Change

"The cold reception from industry leaders raised questions as to their ethical practices and inspired me to research social entrepreneurship and innovation in the context of unregulated industries to better understand the environment governing their decisions and practices."(Groom B., 2023)

"Within the animal welfare domain, scientists and behavioral experts aim to be “the one” to introduce innovative products or resources that not only benefits the canines, but change the landscape of the industry, and thus position them as leaders in the industry. In doing so, they establish barriers to building a collaborative and inclusive culture". (Groom B., 2023)

Though there is hope

"Social entrepreneurship fosters inclusivity and growth, but for impactful, long-lasting change to occur, there will, inevitably be changes to the distribution of power…demanding fundamental transformations in political, economic, and social systems (Alvord et al, 2004)."

"Providing a voice and avenues for impactful decision-making, as well as creating platforms for communication between volunteers and leaders are essential in retention and dedication to the cause (Reese et al., 2021)".

I agree with Billie on this

"As the industry continues to progress, I am feeling more confident that the actors in the domain are not only prepared but expect social innovators such as myself to step out on our own and share resources, thus providing marginalized groups with the skills and tools to effectively overcome challenges and create impactful change"(Groom B., 2023).

Reboundog was founded as a social-impact network for curious conversations enabling disruptive collaborations to break down the siloes.

The under lying problem is an outdated culture.

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If you're open to creating collaborative change, then you are most welcome to join us.