How it all began & What am I proposing we do next?

How it all began & What am I proposing we do next?
The forerunner of Reboundog

So why am I reflecting back 7 years? Do I have the 7 year itch?

A few days I commented on a LinkedIn Post about a Prison Cat Programmme

"We need a prison dog/cat programme here in the UK. To my knowledge there is only one in Sterling.The opportunity for animals & inmates to be listened to without pre-judgement for the first time in their life in such situations was the inspiration to found Reboundog three years ago".

About 7 years ago someone had shared a video of a US Prison Dog Programme. What I saw in it wasn't just the doggie being socialised so as to be more easily rehomed. Note, I don't say 'forever home' as nothing in this life is forever & to think so is pure fantasy, life is not fluffy & cute.

So what did you see Spencer? The light bulb moment was when the dog & the inmate are facing each other and they're listening to each other without pre-judgement. The person doesn't give a S..t what breed the dog is & the dog doesn't give a F..k about the person's background. No pseudo society labels imposed by either on either. This maybe the very first time in their life that they've been listened without pre-judgement. If you've never been listened to then you'll understand what I'm on about & care so passionately about.

I explored my thoughts on listening, empathy & reciprocity in Reflections of A Beautiful Friendship

What if we extrapolated the potential of these prison dog programmes into other sectors of disenfranchised society?

What did you do about Spencer? Initially I printed some cheap cards see header photo & bounced the idea off everyone, dog guardians, trainers, rescues, MPs & Gov't Ministers, I met & could talk to in UK. Feedback, "it's a no brainer" with potential to provide market for marginalised dogs & people.

Then I used my networking skills to take the idea online & launched Reboundog to bring together the innovators, the disruptors & the visonaries across the globe.

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Over the last 3 years Reboundog members have found that by networking together globally & in-person they have been able to learn different perspectives, develop trusted relationships & partners with which to build their individual businesses. So that we can now create a social impact into this wicked problem.

Seldom in life do we come across a person who has the connections and foresight to help networks and individuals excel. Spencer’s global platform to advocate for disenfranchised dogs and people has been very timely and empowering.

Since connecting with Spencer and joining his community of change makers, I’ve connected with passionate people who are all on an entrepreneurial journey rooted in business smarts and change for the better. I can’t adequately thank him and his international Reboundog platform enough for the contributions that have emerged as a result of being in the company of generous business people“.

Beth Cherryholmes Miller

Founder, Wagtown®️ 501(c)(3)

Reboundog Join Us

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According to impact organisation ReGenerate, “the pandemic has strengthened the now overwhelming case that purpose-driven companies not only do good, but they are also more likely to be successful & sustainable". Source: Beahurst, The UK's Most Active Impact Investment Funds

What am I proposing?

We use Reboundog as the platform to connect people who want to get off their backsides to create a UK wide Prison Dog Programme (other animals welcome).


A) by you joining Reboundog as a Member....see above

B) or by you joining Reboundog as a Community Supporter....see below

C) by our seeking sponsorship, partnership, impact investment from truly aligned businesses, funds & philanthropists. This won't be yet another charity, this will be for-profit business led as a force for good.

D) by us exploring the potential to create social franchise opportunities for disenfranchised people to able to stand on their own feet & participate in society.

E) by using the Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on 14th December to bring everyone together for curious & transparent conversations on how we create a for-profit social impact business model to establish a UK wide programme, that can then scale globally.

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Sometimes you love what a network, a group or a movement does, but you just don’t want to be a full blown active member.

Though, if there was a way you could participate from the sidelines or behind the scenes then you’d jump at the chance.

Reboundog Supporters Community

Your opportunity to be a Reboundog Community Supporter helping to finance the infrastructure of Reboundog in supporting our members who are creating innovative & disruptive solutions to the animal welfare crisis.

How else can I help you grow as an industry leading innovator & disruptor?

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Spencer B Hodgetts©

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A colleague & friend Aisha Ejaz asks

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