Culture in Society & Architecture

Culture in Society & Architecture

Culture today should not just be seen as societies and their historic architecture but should be seen as the reason, & more importantly implemented within, of your business.

Businesses, both for profit doing social good & non-profits, that still have an hierarchical leadership style are today losing out on growth, talent attraction & investment to those that embed

Culture as a Foundation for Growth

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Among my recent research on platform businesses I found 3 articles that refer to this need & the shift within Corporates. As smaller businesses there are huge opportunities for you to become the leader in your field by building culture into your enterprise as the way of doing business.

“This is where the impact map paradigm is a little bit turned on its head, because at the bottom of the model, we’re not talking about the low-level activities and concerns, we’re talking about the cultural priorities and the cultural values of the architecture group itself. The architecture group must strongly internalize a burning desire to be valuable, accountable, and agile. And this is also, I think, a really important aspect of next-generation architecture”    Charles Betz, the VP and Research Director of Enterprise Architecture at Forrester.

#92 Why Enterprise Architecture is not (just) about Technology with Charles Betz - Boundaryless

Leader as architect.

“Scaling genius requires leaders be the leader in your field that will encourage everyone within an organization — from frontline workers to senior executives — to be willing and able to innovate”.

What Makes a Great Leader? (

Leadership, Culture, and Behavior. Leaders must buy into future ways of working and be prepared to change their own ways of working in support of those goals. Companies too often do not acknowledge and deal with misalignments among senior leaders that then hold the transformation back.

Why Platform Operating Models are Becoming More Important | BCG


My question to ask yourself is, "where do I excel & also lack in the Leadership Diamond below"?

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If you are seeking inspiration from an organisation that has grown globally with a fantastic culture, then I recommend you watch Reboundog's Sofa Meet-up with Guest in Conversation, Madelaine Hardy of Giving Tuesday.

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