Celebrating: Reboundog is 4 years old!!!!

Celebrating: Reboundog is 4 years old!!!!
Photo Credit Spencer B. Hodgetts on Vistaprint template circa 2016

The header photo is a scan of a card done for the pre-runner of Reboundog to test the feedback for a prison dog programme here in the UK. Notwithstanding the passing of 8 years since that card was printed the throughline - to enable marginalised dogs & disenfranchised people to participate in society - is still the central concept in Reboundog.

So how you may ask is Reboundog achieving that central concept?



Long-term collaborations to achieve shared outcomes through scalable networks

Bridging the gap between diverse perspectives and forging collaborative partnerships to drive meaningful change for social impact. Shaking up the status quo and crafting innovative initiatives that truly transform the animal welfare & disenfranchised people landscape.

How do we achieve that?

Embedding 3 core Values in everything we do:

Trust, So often the lack of, is the root cause of societal ills.

Curious, We need conversations to be.

Transparent, We cannot achieve change unless we are.

Global Networking Virtual Meet-ups


Thursday 23 May 6pm UK/ 1pm ET for UK, EU, Africa & Americas

Sun 26 May 8am UK/ 6pm AEST for UK, EU, Africa, Asia & Australasia

Reboundog has always had a membership that spans the globe & these are designed to increase that connectivity, to provide a safe space for collaborations to initiate.

You are fabulous at collaborations! I watch your posts and am so excited for you! What a very cool journey you have had. Your ability to bring people together and create something magical is truly inspiring. Keep shining and sharing your amazing energy with the world! 🌟 Tammy Appleton, President, Tricres USA

Reboundog Sofa Meet-ups


Your opportunity to engage in curious conversations with the world’s leading innovators & disruptors in pet advocacy as if you are on your favourite sofa.

“Very impressive how creatively and genuinely you are developing the online meetup platform to drive the Reboundog community engagement!” Kamilla Spark, Mentor Barclays Eagle Labs, Cambridge Judge Business School.

If you would like to be considered as a future 'guest speaker in conversation' (they are not designed as presentations nor panel discussions) please apply here

Reboundog Coaching

Photo Credit: Spencer B. Hodgetts©/ Tricres©

All too often I see start-ups, micro-businesses & those who've grown for a few years then plateaued, who have started with a dream, a potential idea, maybe even chasing that elusive & often unrealistic Unicorn of VC investment, BUT who are all missing access to a toolkit of business skills & a business culture coach to help them use the toolkit to add social value to their ecosystem.

Photo Credit: Spencer B. Hodgetts©/ Tricres©

Similarly opportunities for growth & collaborations are missed everyday because often what comes out of our mouth isn't quite what we thought of in our head.

I only have 3 more of these FREE online workshops planned & the next is on May 30th at 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK Register Here

Reboundog Members

Reboundog Our Members

Who demonstrate symbiotic reciprocity.

How do we achieve this necessary change to create a society where marginalised dogs & disenfranchised people are included?

Who is responsible for this change?

No one person nor organisation is responsible for wicked societal problems, nor can one person nor organisation solve them.


The individual? The government? Businesses?

We believe the next generation of pet advocates that will impact the world will be for profit social entrepreneurs.

A lot of tremendous change is necessary. And urgently.

We need to break down the hierarchical siloed thinking which is preventing innovative & disruptive solutions.  For this, we need a networked approach to collaboration.

How are we working towards that change? Who should be responsible for, &/or leading that change? Who can make the most impactful change to be the most sustainable?

To achieve this innovative disruption, we need a globally diverse perspective, which at times will bring together those who are initially opposed to working with others who don’t hold their own viewpoint. That leadership needs to allow roles responsibilities & accountabilities within it’s teams.

We can and should all take some measures on a personal and individual level. Individual responsibility is a critical human value.

We need to create social-impact at scale, by designing inclusive entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalised people. Thus, allowing disenfranchised people to have value & belong in society.

But individual change can only do so much so fast. The facts are:  We need larger, systemic change to bolster individual decisions.

We need to create real ecosystems of communities that are potentially mutually symbiotic with others.

So, where should that systemic change come from? The Government, Legislation?

Hierarchical decision making does not work in government nor in business, we need the next generation of leaders in government, business & communities who have the skills to embed a great culture.

Cultural production & service must be based on purpose, vision & values that are in the veins of everything it does.

According to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer, young people believe that brands can do more to solve social ills and societal problems than governments.  57% of Gen Z and 60% of Millennials agree that brands need to step up and show accountability for the actions they’re taking to make the world a better place.  It will take the whole village here - that’s for sure.

We are building the platform organisation of the next generation of pet advocates...will you join us?

Are you an innovator, a disruptor, a visionary, a collaborator? Those who believe the current system is not solving the problems behind the problem.

Do you wish to learn how to be one?

Membership is by application only (it is not an open social media network).

Join Us | Reboundog

What will you bring to the table? How will you contribute your knowledge?

Do you believe in true reciprocity?

Reciprocity originates from the Latin reciprocus as in ‘moving backwards & forwards’ and thus if empathy is not quid pro quo as in Often times the concept of reciprocity arises when thinking about both the honour of giving and the honour of receiving as the basis for Native American philanthropy. Reciprocity is defined as “the obligation to return benefits for benefits received” (Moody, 1994). Further, Rebecca Adamson suggests that “The reciprocity [in Native America] is not quid pro quo but the gift is given, the beneficiary is expected also to give, not necessarily back, but on, so the gift is always alive” (Wells1998) Reflections of a Beautiful Friendship | Reboundog

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'In today's networked & global world, collaboration across organisational boundaries has become a critical competency for innovation & success'. Kaplan R. quoted in Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation p46.



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