Celebrating Collaborations

Celebrating Collaborations
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Why are collaborations necessary? My belief is that for those of us designing innovative solutions to the world's wicked societal problems we simply cannot do it alone. Collaborations by default embody a network approach - intentionally building effective relationships around a shared vision to accomplish goals or build a movement.

So how do you go about building effective relationships?

The first step is to establish trust among all players.

How do you establish trust?

By listening (if you want help with this join my free workshop)

How did I listen to establish this mutual collaboration between

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It started by my being a guest on one of Reboundog member Michael Overlie's Dogs and Men LLC weekly podcasts where I met Joe Gionti. This was followed by Joe attending our Reboundog Sofa Meet-up on 14th March

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It was during these conversations that Joe & I started to observe that we have several interests in common.

NB: This Sofa Meet-up attracted:

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This was followed by a call between Joe & myself to explore a potential reciprocal collaboration which will aim to achieve:

Our offer to help Joe with constructive business advice from within Reboundog community to coach/mentor him in growing a disruptive & sustainable non-profit. In reciprocation Joe has offered to become our 'guinea pig' in how we help an innovative start-up non-profit, which we will design into our own business model of future social impact for others.

Reboundog Sofa Meet-up... I'm super excited to announce our next Guest in Conversation on the Reboundog Sofa will be

Iris Grimm Leadership Development, Executive Coach, Group Facilitator, TEDx Speaker.

"Unleashing Leadership: How Canine Wisdom Transforms Corporate Culture" Join us for an engaging conversation on the fascinating intersection of leadership development and canine companionship! In this interactive session, we'll explore the untapped potential of incorporating principles learned from our rescue dogs into the corporate world.

Discover how the remarkable traits exhibited by dogs – resilience, stress relief, playfulness, leadership, creativity, empathy, and teamwork – can be seamlessly integrated into business practices to enhance performance and foster a thriving workplace culture.

We'll collaborate on how embracing a pet-friendly workplace environment or incorporating dogs into leadership development programs can lead to increased engagement, improved morale, and enhanced productivity among team members. After all, when we bring out the best in dogs, they bring out the best in us!

If you're passionate about animal welfare and interested in leveraging the power of canine companionship to drive positive change in the corporate arena, this session is for you. Join us as we explore how embracing the dog-human bond can revolutionize the way we lead and work.


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Other hot news

Dog Friendly Summit®

Reboundog member Beth Miller has invited me to speak on both days!!!!!


A Global Perspective on Animal Rescue / Welfare

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Animal Assistance Programmes

NB: I'll be sending out personal invites for others to join me as co-speakers in the next few days.

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Imagine Your Conversations....

  • Bridging the gap between diverse perspectives and forging collaborative partnerships to drive meaningful change.
  • Shaking up the status quo and crafting innovative initiatives that truly transform the pet landscape.
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Embark on your journey to revolutionise pet advocacy & animal welfare today

Due to how well this has been received I'm consider opening this up for new participants to join the existing cohort.

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