Are you a follower or a leader?

Are you a follower or a leader?
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Which one will you be in 2024? Whichever one you decide to be then there are two traits which are both applicable and beneficial to each.

1) the ability to have curious conversations

2) the ability to have constructive conversations

Curious Conversations

Curious definition:

Since the 1300s, "curious" has been variously used to describe things that in some way require, invite, or are characterized by carefulness or inquisitiveness. In so doing, it carries on the legacy of its Latin source, the adjective curiosus, meaning "careful" or "inquisitive." Curious Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

curious conversations for a follower

When having curious conversations as a follower you are more likely to listen without pre-judgement to what the other person/people in the conversation are actually saying. Not just what you think they are saying.

curious conversations for a leader

When having curious conversations as a leader, then you are more open to engaging in dialogue with an open mind to the views & opinions ( even you don't necessarily agree with them) of other person/people in the conversation.

Curious Conversations to break down the hierarchical stereotypes & their incumbent silos, stovepipes & solitudes (Dale 2000) are at the heart of Reboundog Sofa Meet-ups


Constructive Conversations

Constructive definitions:

intended to help someone or improve understanding

useful and likely or intended to improve something: a constructive dialogue/ discussion/ meeting. CONSTRUCTIVE | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

constructive conversations for a follower

As a follower it is essential to have constructive conversations. Scenarios where this can be relevant include during a job interview, as an employee to make sure your roles, responsibilities & accountabilities are clearly understood on both sides. Also, when learning from your coaches & mentors.

constructive conversations for a leader

As a leader it is crucial for you to have constructive conversations with EVERYONE, from your senior management team, all of your employees, your suppliers & your customers.

Are you seeking to seriously grow your business/non-profit in 2024? If so then how you communicate with your existing & potential clients is crucial.

Are you a start-up or non-profit founder seeking to attract serious investment? To achieve a successful outcome is dependent on how well you converse.

Are you a veterinarian practice that suffers from what is becoming an all too common breakdown of communications with your customers leading to unnecessary & unwanted stress among your team? This can help relieve that stress.

Are you seeking to attract & retain great talent? Then the way you have conversations is crucial at interview stage & later with team building.

To help you to learn the basics* I'm hosting a free workshop.....

How You Can Have Constructive Conversations Free Online Workshop

Thu, Jan 4, 2024, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UK / 12 noon Eastern US.

in 6 easy steps

1 Build Rapport

2 State the Purpose

3 Intake

4 Clarify & Understand

5 Suggestions & Solutions

6 Next Steps

*Skill comes with time & practice.

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Happy holidays to all my subscribers - see you in 2024.

Finally a question for you to consider over the holidays... which comes first

Curious or Constructive Conversations??